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Why Choose Us

Nurse and senior doing the thumbs-up signAffordable Senior Care of New York LLC has qualities that distinguish our services from others:

  • Monitoring and Management
    We have a phone-based Caregiver Tracking System (Telephony) to actively monitor our caregiving aides. Managerial staff and case workers supervise every caregiver.Both the management members and owners instantaneously receive an alert if, for instance, a caregiver comes late for a scheduled appointment which will be given appropriate and immediate action paired with the round-the-clock supervision of the Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASC) of New York Clinical Registered Nurse when clinical issues arise.
  • Training and Support
    We provide formal introductions of all our caregivers to their clients upon their first visit. Introductions are vital to secure the comfort of the client and the caregiver and the specialized training to the caregiver as per client’s needs.We provide innovative, unparalleled training and support for our caregivers sometimes on one-on-one basis.

    To keep our status of being a Good Standing Member of The Senior’s Choice—a largest worldwide network of senior care agencies, we intensively train and mentor our caregivers under its mandatory training standards and New York State Health Department’s full standard and regulations.

    Our caregivers are given monthly trainings on how to provide home health care for clients with special needs such as Alzheimer, Cancer, Diabetes, Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma, Hearing Loss, Parkinson’s disease and other senior care needs.

  • Technology
    • Telephony – Using a toll free number and a caller id, our private system notifies the management automatically if a caregiver fails to clock-in on time for a visit. We know exactly when our aide arrives and departs a client’s home, and are quick to respond to any issues. Automated system ensures our clients well-being, especially when the family or agency employees are not with a client.
    • Medication Reminder Calls – Our specialized automated system reminds clients to take their medications up to 3 times per day.
  • Hiring Practices
    Our senior care companions receive continuous training that includes a specialized curriculum exclusive to Affordable Senior Care of New York LLC. In line with this, our stringent caregiver requirements comprise:

    • Phone screening
    • In-depth interview
    • Criminal background check
    • RMV check
    • Physician’s health statement
    • Professional reference checks
    • Eligible competency exam result (timed & written)
    • Qualified communication proficiency

    As these tests are mandated by the State and our senior organization—The Senior’s Choice, these assessments ensure our seniors and recovering patients to get the highest caliber of caregivers.

  • Employee vs. Subcontractor
    Our caregivers are true affiliates of the Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASC) of New York Clinical Registered Nurse, not subcontractors. We pay the payroll taxes, employer’s liability, workers’compensation, and general & professional liability insurance. This frees clients and their families from these responsibilities.

If you think Affordable Senior Care of New York LLC offers you or your family members all the necessary home health care benefits, give us a call now because we are ready to serve you!

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