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Empowering individuals with disabilities to choose and manage their own care services

Help your loved one in need to stay safely in their own home while they receive care through the CDPAP program. You can also provide services and get paid for it. No certificate needs it.

The Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) is one of the home health care benefits for individuals who want to personally choose their home health care provider. This program allows consumers to choose a family member or even a friend to assist them with their care and recruit, hire, and direct their own home care workers.

CDPAP, or the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program, is a New York State Medicaid initiative that helps people who require home care services with additional ways to receive their care.

Though it provides the consumers with the ability to choose nearly anyone they want as the Personal Assistant, it means that they can’t just rely on some reorganized list of candidates. Training must also be provided to the potential Aide/Assistant and is the responsibility once again of the Consumer.

This program gives healthcare consumers the right to have people whom they’ve known for years assisting them in various health-related ways, while at the same time, knowing that these Aides/Assistants are being compensated for their time and effort. The payments and benefits for the Personal Assistant are handled by the fiscal intermediary.

Besides the consumer being given the ability to decide who’s hired to provide them with home health care, they are also the ones to monitor the one chosen and if need be, to terminate them as the Personal Assistant in case the consumers are not satisfied with their care, it includes the distribution of their paycheck on a weekly basis.

Qualifications for Eligibility to receive CDPAP services: The Consumer must be a Medicaid-approved recipient.

One of the goals of the CDPAP program is to make home health care more efficient and more enjoyable for consumers. Medicaid believes that with the consumer’s calling more of the shots, it will equal less turnover of the particular Personal Assistants providing care, translating into overall better health care for the Consumers, therefore also avoiding the need for a nursing home or even unnecessary hospitalizations.

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